Steve Ainscough

Chief Instructor 7th Dan Ju-Jitsu

Sensei Steve Ainscough started his martial arts career at the age of 17 doing kyokushinkai Karate in Australia. He enjoyed the hard work and training ethic. Also the no-nonsense approach to the sparring aspect of the style. (No body armour or gloves)

After a time his instructor had to move on, and he was left looking for another style. Trying a few other styles of Karate he looked in on a Ju-Jitsu class and was intrigued in all the throws, sweeps and locks. After watching the classes for a few weeks he was invited to join in to train and was hooked.

The thing he liked about Ju-Jitsu is the technical aspect and the practical self defence of the art. The school he joined was more like a family approach on the whole club not the militaristic regime seen in Karate. He tries to bring that into all this classes. The Master here was Mr Jan De Jong.

He then moved back to the UK and looked around to carry on this training but could not find a club suitable.

Then he found a club in Dronfield taught by Sensei Martin Molsley of the World Ju-Jitsu Federation. From there to Sensei Steve Elliot in Chesterfield and has stayed with him for 25 years.

Sensei Steve tries to bring a family atmosphere into the Dojo where everybody helps everybody so that we all know every each other and there are no cliques on the mat. He also will let anybody come and train on matter what the style.