5 reasons why you should be learning martial arts as an adult

5 reasons why you should be learning martial arts as an adult

Let’s start by dispelling the myth that martial arts lessons are just for kids. They’re an incredibly effective workout for adults too and come with a long list of potential benefits. According to a survey by Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, over a third of all those who take martial arts classes are adults. Yes, they have fantastic benefits for children, but learning a martial arts disciple, whether it be ju-jitsu, karate or taekwondo, is an excellent idea at any age. Let’s break down the reasons why.

5 top benefits of martial arts classes.

 Stay fit

Almost all forms of martial arts offer a high-impact aerobic workout for the whole body. Working a variety of muscles while also helping to improve stamina, strength and balance.

Stay Calm

The ancient practice of martial arts consists of a combination of holds, punches, kicks and concentration. This gives you the perfect outlet for relieving stress from everyday life. So the overcrowded trains, bad days at work, traffic and that moment you realise you can’t find your keys all melt away during your lesson.

Burn Calories

The total body workout you get with martial arts burns a tonne of calories and helps to regulate metabolism and natural eating signals, allowing you to reach and maintain your desired, healthy weight.

Learn Self Defence skills

Martial arts don’t just keep you fit and healthy; they can also help to keep you safe. Martial arts allow you to learn essential self-defence skills that you don’t get from any other type of exercise.

Improve Self Confidence

One of the best things about learning martial arts through structured martial arts lessons is the way it can affect self-confidence. The goal-orientated practice, positive encouragement the teaching of values and mutual respect can make you more comfortable, motivated and driven to succeed.

Other important factors to consider

Some people shy away from martial arts because they believe it emphasises violence, this is entirely untrue. The main aspects of martial arts involve discipline, respect and ways to defend yourself while causing little to no injury to the assailant. Sparring with other members is usually part of the process, but is in no way where the emphasis lies, and lessons aren’t designed to be competitive.

You also don’t need to worry about your current level of fitness or ability. Classes are personalised to the fitness levels of the guys and girls who take part; whether they be beginners, intermediates or masters. So, you’ll be placed in the right environment with people of similar ability to yourself until you gain confidence and improve your skills.

Lessons with NMAA

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